I have been writing since early childhood.  My poems have been published in print, on Writer’s Digest’s poetry site, and in several online journals.

I enjoy being involved with the online and real-life poetry communities. My passion for the written word is like no other. Writing has been a serious therapeutic tool for me for most of my life, as well as one of humor and fun.

Beyond the obvious goal of self-expression, I hope my poetry touches the hearts and minds of others. I want you to think. I want you to feel,  and if you relate, I want you to tell me about it!

I am currently working on my second book of poetry, which involves editing and proofing over one hundred poems on mental illness and suicide.

I am seeking an outside editor and publisher for this book. If interested, please email me at shewriting[at]yahoo[dot]com

In 2011, I self-published a collection of poetry entitled Shaping Time which is now available as a second edition at a reduced price.  Continue reading for more information.

Shaping Time is a poetry chapbook that delivers peaceful reflections across the ages and stages of life through various writing forms and visual art. Sheila’s display of visual poetry along with its contemplative messages creates a meditative ambiance for all readers, whether or not fans of poetry.

Purchase Shaping Time here

Shaping Time includes poems about time, love, marriage, motherhood, childhood, animals, nature, seasons, social injustice, mental illness, birth, death, meditation, and spirituality. Poetry forms include concrete, shape, French Sonnet, Haiku, circular, acrostic, square stanza, and free verse.

What others are saying about Shaping Time:

“Well worth the getting, the entire book is very well done and enjoyable…and showcases Sheila’s talent well.” ~ Brian Miller, Writer, Poet, and Co-founder of the award-winning One Stop Poetry and dVerse Poets Pub communities

“I can’t recommend it highly enough – it’s wonderful! I hope people take the opportunity to discover Sheila’s work first-hand.” ~ Eric Alder, Poet, Photographer, and Copy Editor

“I truly enjoy Sheila’s visual poetic artistry. It is a refreshing and exciting marriage of two mediums!” ~ Colette Disford, Freelance Writer and Poet

Free download edition of Shaping Time is now available here for ePub Readers and on iTunes for iPad, iPod Touch, and iPhone users.


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