photo by Eric Alder

photo by Eric Alder

In mediocrity, there’s complacency,
an uneasy sense of non-urgency.
Thick as molasses, dragging my ass off;
a self-made Hades, I can’t seem to cast off.

Chills up my spine creep into my mind,
freezing thoughts in space and time.
I wish they ran smooth, warm and collected
like shells on a beach that’s connected

to the birth of a race, our humble beginnings.
I think I’ll return, start planning my trip and
when I arrive, dive deep in the waters;
find calm and peace in something that matters.

For right now, purpose all but eludes me.
Long winter nights hardly amuse me.
Mundane tasks bear down like a mass.
Three more months? Don’t think I can last.


7 thoughts on “Winter

  1. i hear you…esp. november is such a tough month…grey and cold… christmas for me is a highlight to walk towards to… or skiing and sledging… yet i’m too counting days…

  2. I’m not looking forward to the cold myself. Only the holidays (and something warming to drink) makes it bearable. Glad to see you joining in M.M.P.P. again this week, Sheila!

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