A Normal Friend


Every once in a while
I meet someone
who is a little off her rocker

like the white double ones
that sit on front porches
inviting friends to sit

and chat a while,
or even stand for a fast hour
talking about things in common.

It’s like conversing
with yourself
only not as nutty as speaking aloud
to yourself, and not having to worry

because you answered yourself
(I always answer myself)
saying I am too weird or too different

to have any “normal” friends;
not realizing that normal is only
an issue when you compare yourself

to others.
Independent of another’s likes, dislikes,
wants, needs, quirks, opinions, views,

religion, character flaws, talents and
shortcomings, we are all our own sense
of normal.

The greatest gift a friend can give,
other than the joy of a good conversation,
is the ability to make you forget that

you are crazier than most; that you are
Ab-normal. If you find this in a person,
you have found yourself a normal friend.


9 thoughts on “A Normal Friend

  1. normal is only an issue in coparison, that is for sure…some just hold it together better or hide it…we all are a little off you know…and we make others look like they have it better…finding a friend that just sees you and not all your issues or realized they are no better…that is a wonderful thing…smiles….good to see something new by you sheila…smiles.

Thanks for sharing.

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