Cockroaches in the Sink


She talked of abuse
like many others have.
Contacts, years beyond

And they became alien
to their own feelings
outside and in

Small, dark spaces
where cockroaches hid
during the day;

Clicked, at night, across
yellowed linoleum
while little girls

Sucked their thumbs
and slowly died
down the hall.

Read more poetry (I’m sure some much more light-hearted than mine) at d’verse poets pub today.


11 thoughts on “Cockroaches in the Sink

  1. Well done – Kafka’s Metamorphosis plus The Yellow Wallpaper.
    I have not been by in awhile, are you now only doing one blog ?

  2. Damn. This is an expertly crafted work about some painful things. This is just masterful. And the metaphor so apropos. The thought of cockroaches or abuse both skeeve me out (to put it lightly) and the horrible imagery flickers back and forth seamlessly. The clicking on the linoleum literally sent shivers down my spine, and the last verse just brought it all home as a powerful slap in the face to reality.

Thanks for sharing.

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