At the Threshold of Life and Death


photo prompt from Eric at Bifocal Univision

Standing at the narrow end of a tunnel,
where the bright light should be, that’s
where you’ll find me, wondering why the air is dark.

Bony tendrils poke out into the light,
their thin skin singeing with each prod.
I keep my distance just right –

teasing death

like the licking of lips before a forbidden kiss,
making it long for the taste of my last breath –

a high like no other.


6 thoughts on “At the Threshold of Life and Death

  1. an interesting piece. I like the “boney tendrils” and the idea of “teasing death.” oh, and that couplet at the end…so perfect.

  2. oh, I can picture this. I think many of us have ‘teased death’ in similar ways….at least in our minds if not in reality. A bit frightening to recognize that fact.

  3. i hear you on the middle school/high school….we still have a year til ms…will be an interesting transition…teaching in the high school now i know the animal a bit, though mine will go to a different HS than the one i teach at unless we move…

Thanks for sharing.

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