Building Blocks – a poem

To Be Built

I believe we are given
the exact amount of bricks we need
to build a life worth living
when we are born.

Through the years,
our parents may chip a few,
and we will certainly drop a couple,
sometimes on our own feet!

We may throw one (or two),
out of anger or spite,
and watch as they hit the ground
and break apart.

We may toss some in the dumpster
or leave some behind when we move,
thinking they aren’t important enough
or not worth the trouble to keep.

Others may steal a few from us
or we may give several away,
when we shouldn’t.

But the bricks are there…
each one needed to construct the life
our Creator intended for us to have
is somewhere. Together, let us build.

photo prompt courtesty of Eric at Bifocal Univision

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13 thoughts on “Building Blocks – a poem

  1. This is one of the BEST responses I’ve gotten to a M.M.P.P. in a long time, Sheila!
    I really like how you used the bricks as a metaphor and turned it into a life-lesson.

    Thanks for playing M.M.P.P. Sheila! Always a pleasure!

  2. I think I may have hoarded mine and used all of them to build walls too high for anyone including me to climb. (no worries, I’m working on growing my hair out like Rapunzel.) no, but seriously, really beautiful said. I definitely think you’re spot on.

  3. nice…i think you are on to something there sheila…we are given the building blocks…i think often we dont think so or dont realize until we have already given away many of them in our choices…well written and true…

  4. I like this way of looking at life, Sheila. Perhaps we are initially given MORE than enough so that if we do break a few or our parents or others chip a few we still have enough to build the life we were meant to have.

  5. This is a super nice idea and well-said, Sheila. As I age, I am not so sure that it is true- I feel like we can really screw things up big time! And then time itself is gone. But I hope that’s not true, and that I still have a few spare bricks. You express the ideas very well. Thanks. Good luck with your newsletter. I think I am signed up. k.

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